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I began my professional gambling career as a blackjack player. It took me years of hard work to get to the point where I could consistently beat the casinos. I'll admit, if I'd had a system like MP Blackjack back in 1978 when I first started playing, my initial attempts at professional gambling would have been much more successful. But I wasted so much time and money listening to the claims of the system sellers and buying their systems only to be disappointed in the end. There were a few that had some good ideas from which I was able to learn. But the vast majority were totally worthless.

About eight years ago I developed my own blackjack system by incorporating some of the best ideas from the many systems which I had studied. I had also been reading every book I could find by the blackjack greats such as Edward O. Thorpe, Lawrence Revere, and Ken Uston. I also gleaned wisdom and ideas from them. I got to the point where I was an excellent card counter and could play a better than even game in the long run. But I was still frustrated by the huge swings in my bankroll; the occasional huge draw downs when that long string of ill fortune came knocking at my door. There just had to be a better way!  

One day I awoke and while lying in bed trying to convince myself to get up and start the day, I got an idea for an improvement to my blackjack system. I leaped out of bed, got out several decks of cards, and started dealing hands. Eventually after thousands of hands of testing, I was convinced I had a very effective method.  

I began to play the method in the casinos and won day after day. In fact, I actually had a streak of 40 winning sessions in a row once. Of course when I did lose I guess statistics kind of corrected themselves and I lost 3 out of the next 4 sessions but by this time I was so far ahead that it didn't matter.  

About 4 years ago, I made another improvement on the system and I honestly believe it is better than ever. I played dozens of sessions and the system performed like a champ with even less volatility.  

Understand, I'm not making any outlandish claims for the system, I'm just telling you my experience. I consider myself a highly skilled blackjack player and a disciplined professional. Your results may vary (as they say). In fact, there are never any guarantees in gambling, and I'm certainly not making any guarantees of any kind. No one should. No one can guarantee that you are going to win. Sometimes things just go against you. I've seen days when I could hardly win a hand. (But those days are very, very rare with MP Blackjack). I've also had some really nice winning streaks. (I've had to learn not to get too excited about either.) All I'm saying is that I personally have achieved excellent results with this system and I haven't seen any other blackjack system that I would even consider playing over this one and I've seen a bunch. Some even cost over $1500. If you are a blackjack player and you are ready to start getting the best of the casinos on a regular basis, I don't think you will be disappointed if you order MP Blackjack.  

Just because I'm selling this system for a comparatively low price, don't be fooled into thinking that it isn't as good as other more expensive systems. I'm convinced you will find that it is. But I have been ripped off and disappointed so many times by people selling systems that I know how it feels. I want to make a positive contribution to gamblers all over the world. I don't want to give pie in the sky false hopes of instant riches, but on the other hand I do honestly believe that anyone of average intelligence and a strong desire and a willingness to work at it can beat the game of blackjack. Whether you use my system or some other, you can do it, but it won't be easy. If you have enough faith, determination, and dedication, you can succeed.  

The price for the system is $95 US. I've tried to be as honest as possible about the potential of the system. I think it has got to be one of the best out there, but that's just my personal opinion. I considered giving the system away, but my time and effort over the years is worth something. $95 is not much. Playing the smallest unit the system allows, you should win that and maybe more with your first session so I think that is a very fair price. As I said, it's as good as any of those expensive systems I've seen as far as results are concerned, and of course I believe it is the best available.  

One final comment about the game of blackjack as it is played and dealt today in most casinos. Multiple deck games (4, 6 and 8 decks) are inherently extremely difficult to beat, even for experienced pros. But add to that the fact that multiple deck blackjack games are also very much manipulated by most casinos and that makes it even tougher for any player be he professional or a weekend amateur. While it is possible to beat multiple deck games over the long haul, it takes lots of experience, patience, self discipline and skill. And you can also expect some fairly large bankroll fluctuations from time to time. That is why I always highly recommend that a player who is serious about making money playing blackjack stick with single and double deck pitch games. You will seldom find true professional players playing anything else but single or double deck games.  

While MP Blackjack presents a strategy for multiple deck play, it is much more effective against single and double deck games. In fact, as I stated earlier, in over 20 years of blackjack play, I've never found any other method that even comes close to producing the positive results of MP Blackjack when played against single and double deck pitch games. Bankroll fluctuations are minimized and profits are maximized!

So if you are a "died in the wool" blackjack player, don't play another hand without getting the advantage afforded by MP Blackjack!



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